Zicht risk and insurance advisors rewards Green Award inland barges

The list of ports and banks that reward Green Award certified inland navigation vessels has been extended with a representative of a new type of industry: insurance.

Zicht Risk and Insurance Advisors became a new Green Award incentive provider as of the 1st of January 2013. From this date the company reimburses 50% of the certification costs to their clients.

Jan Fransen (left) and Karin Struijk present a Green Award board to Johan Snepvangers

“A logical step,” finds Johan Snepvangers, senior business risk advisor at Zicht. “We have built a significant portfolio of inland shipping clients. The Green Award certificate is for us a great tool to stimulate and recognize sustainable inland navigation barges. And we are glad to do our bit.” Green Award is pleased with Zicht’s initiative, especially because for us it means that a new type of industry joins in. The more types of businesses and industries recognize and reward the Green Award certificate, the better it is for sustainable inland shipping.

Zicht Risk and Insurance Advisers offer entrepreneurs and private customers insight into their financial situation and risks. Zicht has a history of more than 100 years and originates from 80 independent insurance offices including Ridderpoort. The company manages a significant portfolio of inland shipping entrepreneurs. Zicht Risk and Insurance Advisers has 20 offices and 650 employees.

Green Award for the inland shipping comes from the Green Award scheme established in 1994 in order to promote quality shipping amongst sea-going vessels. Currently 473 inland barges have been certified, and 13 ports are providing a discount on the port dues to inland navigation vessels certified by the Green Award Foundation. There are 6 banks, and now also an insurance company, that compensate a part of the certification costs to their clients that participate in the Green Award scheme.

For more information please visit www.zichtadviseurs.nl

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