The Port of Gibraltar joins the Green Award scheme

The Port of Gibraltar announced its participation in the Green Award scheme at an official ceremony on the 27th of March 2013. The Port will award sustainable ships certified by Green Award with a 5% reduction in tonnage dues starting the 1st of April.

In keeping with their mission to ensure navigational safety and pollution control, the Port of Gibraltar have decided to provide a 5% reduction in tonnage dues for all Green Award certified vessels entering BGTW (British Gibraltar Territorial Waters) and calling at the Gibraltar Port.

Green Award’s managing director Mr. Jan Fransen presented a Green Award board to Minister Neil Costa, officially making Gibraltar a Green Award port. The ceremony was hosted by the Port Authority and among guests was Minister for Health and Environment Dr John Cortes.

In his speech Mr. Fransen said: “The Port of Gibraltar’s view fits very well with the Green Award’s Philosophy. When such a major bunker port as Gibraltar practices its Corporate Social Responsibility through participating in the Green Award scheme, it does make a difference and motivates safe and environmentally conscious shipping.”

From left to right: Dr John Cortes Minister for Health and the Environment, Gibraltar;       Mr. Jan Fransen Managing Director Green Award foundation; The Hon Neil Costa Minister for Tourism, Public Transport and the Port, Gibraltar

The Port of Gibraltar is the second port this year that offers new incentives to sea-going vessels holding the Green Award certificate. This makes the total number of Green Award ports 31. With the port of Gibraltar being a major bunker port and the gateway to the Mediterranean, the port’s decision to grant incentives to ships the highest safety standards of which are confirmed by the Green Award certificate, motivates more ships owners to invest in improvement onboard.

Commenting on the award, the Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport & the Port the Hon Neil Costa said: "This award is an important landmark and demonstrates Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar's commitment to the protection of the environment and to the improvement in the quality of shipping visiting the Port, both of which are interconnected."

About the Port of Gibraltar
For centuries, the Port of Gibraltar has tapped into the opportunities offered by its proximity to one of the busiest maritime thoroughfares in the world, the Strait of Gibraltar.From its strategic vantage point on this key choke point for global trade, the Rock has established a solid reputation as an important staging post for the international shipping community.Over 70,000 ships sail through the Strait of Gibraltar every year and a sufficient number stop here and make use of Gibraltar’s services.Local companies are involved in a wide range of activities, providing reliable, quality services to international ship owners and building on a rich heritage that goes back thousands of years.

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