Green Award Tariffs 2012

For the 10th year in a row tankers' application and annual fees remain the same. The fees for LNG carriers will not change either. However, as communicated earlier, the fees for bulk carriers will be raised per 1 January 2012 and become equal to the fees for oil tankers which finalizes the harmonization of tariffs.

In this time of global financial crisis that affects the shipping community not less than other areas and industries, Green Award understands the importance of keeping tariffs manageable and affordable. The green issues remain sensitive and companies, which address them, secure a favourable position in the current market.
The bureau Green Award searches for ways to reduce costs for its certificate holders. So, the intermediate survey option has been introduced in 2011, the tanker fees and LNG vessels fees will be kept in 2012 at the same level as in 2011 and a subsidy was secured for the inland shipping programme participants. The management and the Committee keep investigating other options to ease financial burden for Green Award certificate holders to support their great efforts to improve the safety and quality.

The tariff list 2012 can be downloaded here.






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