Definition & motivation

A Green Award Incentive Provider is an entity that likes to make clear that they support the improvement in quality of shipping. Green Award is proud to cooperate with the following types of Incentive Providers.

• Ports
• Bank
• Pilotage
• Training institute
• Several marine service providers

Advantages for Green Award incentive providers include:

• Increase of quality ships
• Reduced Risk (safety and environment)
• Tool to address air quality issues
• Tool to address Corporate Social Responsibility policy
• Improvement of environmental awareness of administrators and port
• Increase of efficiency in ship/shore interface
• Shorter visiting period of ship to port
• Enhancement of positive image

A Green Award incentive provider does NOT need to

• contribute financially to Green Award
• be audited by Green Award
• make own inspectors available 


Green Award Incentive Providers

At ports in The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Lithuania, Oman, Portugal, South Africa, and in New Zealand the Green Award vessels get a premium incentive based on port dues. Private companies also appreciate the extra quality, which Green Award guarantees. Several interesting incentive providers, government institutions as well as private companies, grant premiums to a vessel with a Green Award certificate. The Green Award Foundation approaches authorities and industries in all seaports to create a platform for further growth of the number of incentive providers.

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