Certification procedure

The main steps towards successful certification can be identified as follows:

• Application
• Document review
• Office audit
• Ship survey
• Verification
• Certification
• Publication 

The initiative for Green Award certification is always with the ship owner or manager. He/she submits the application to the Bureau Green Award and pays the costs. First the Bureau reviews the documents, which are presented by the ship owner/manager. Then an audit at the ship owner/managers' office is carried out, the audit will be repeated every three years. This audit establishes conformity between management procedures and management practice, as well as conformity of management procedures with Green Award requirements. The owner/manager will receive a Green Award Office Certificate.

Finally a survey of the vessel takes place, in order to determine if the procedures are well implemented. If the Green Award requirements are and sufficient score is reached, and the verification is successful, the ship will be certified. The Certificate stays valid for three years, during which period annual checks will be carried out. After three years a renewal of the ships certificate is needed. If the requirements are upgraded during the period of certification, the new rules will apply for the participating owner/manager within a period of 12 months grace. 

After certification of a ship, Green Award will publish the vessel in the list on the website and will inform the incentive providers on a monthly basis.  

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