Green Award incentives at Spanish ports on hold

Over the last few months, Bureau Green Award has received several complaints from certificate holders. It appears that ports under the jurisdiction of Puertos del Estado are currently not granting Green Award certified vessels a premium. Unfortunately, no clear reasons for this were given.

Due to the the disappointing and de-motivating effects, especially for the crew of the Green Award certified vessels, the management of Green Award decided to travel to Madrid in order to seek clarification from the management of Puertos del Estado.

During a pleasant meeting we were informed that it was a political decision to review the incentive scheme in Spanish ports in accordance with developments at the EU in Brussels. This means that the authorities in Madrid, together with the local port authorities, will review the EMAS, ISO 14001 and GREEN AWARD. It is the intention to determine if an integrated incentive scheme is feasible. An outcome is not expected before the end of 2004. Meanwhile, the political configuration has changed in Spain which implies a delay in further decisions.

The Green Award management will, of course, keep in touch with the Puertos del Estado, in order to keep informed about progress made. Green Award hopes and believes that fruitful cooperation with Puertos del Estado will result in a satisfying situation in 2005. 



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