Green Award and Executive Ship Management

"As a quality ship manager, Executive Ship Management (ESM) takes pride in seizing opportunities to add value to its services. One such opportunity, which came by in 2003, was “Green Award”, as one of our esteemed clients - BP shipping requested us to get one of their ships under our management certified for the award. ESM received this prestigious award following the very thorough auditing of ESM, Singapore office as well the Aframax tanker under management – M.T. British Willow - by the Green Award auditors.

At ESM we have now integrated three systems ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment Management System) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) with the ISM Code so that we have an operating system that is robust, forward-looking and indeed focused on our core values of being committed to a safer and cleaner environment in all spheres of our operation. Although, as a management company ESM is not a direct beneficiary of the cost benefits, which Green Award certification entails at ports of call, we have immense satisfaction that our principals reap benefits from the award and it has been our constant endeavour to impress upon our other clients with ships trading in Europe to avail of this great opportunity.

It is our strong conviction that a ship is only as good as the crew who sail her. Executive Ship Management is perhaps the only third party manager in the world, which has built an in-house world-class maritime training institute at a cost of over four million US dollars to exclusively train our own officers and crew. Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, (SIMS), a post–sea training centre located at Mumbai, India provides free value-added, practical training to each crew member prior to his/her boarding a vessel under our management. It has the unique distinction of offering various courses approved under a number of ship administrations, including the Government of India, Singapore, the MCA and Liberia to name a few.

                                 M/T British Willow

The institute is well known for its most modern and innovative infrastructure including a downsized stainless steel cargo tank fitted with the real life equipment including an operational Framo pump as fitted in a ship.

What differentiates the training in SIMS from other commercial maritime training institutes is its single-minded commitment to provide a top class post-sea training and together with a follow-up system on board through the trainers sailing as a part of the assessment programme.

To complement the post-sea training, ESM is soon initiating a pre-sea training programme at Lonavala, some 100 km away from Mumbai, India at a cost of over 8 million US dollars. The campus which will be made ready in three phases, will have the first batch of cadets intake by July 1, 2005.With an all India selection system to select the best young men to join the seafaring profession, ESM is well poised to take over its future vessels for management with some of the most qualified and best trained crew in the world!"

Executive Ship Management, Singapore

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