International Marine Awareness Course

The ProSea foundation organises International Marine Awareness Courses (IMAC) for the shipping sector on a regular basis. The courses aim to provide high quality information on the marine environment, marine environmental issues and Sustainable Development to the maritime sector. The assumption is that a better understanding leads to more sustainable choices in the day-to-day shipping practice.

Green Award has supported this course since 2001 by presenting Green Award objectives and day to day operation as well as participating in the expert forum. Because Green Award values this course, the ‘Marine Awareness Course’ can be found as one of the ranking questions during the Green Award office audit.

In September, Green Award surveyor Rob den Heijer gave a presentation and took part in the expert forum at an IMAC course on the Dutch island Texel. In October, Karin Struijk gave a presentation during the IMAC in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Both presentations were given on the last day of the course. Both courses (and the Green Award lectures!) were highly appreciated by those attending, a mix of students from shipping academies in Holland and Denmark, business participants from shipping companies and representatives of the Dutch navy.

In addition to the courses for shipping academies, ProSea also organizes dedicated in-house Marine Awareness Courses in cooperation with and for shipping companies. In 2006 four of these in-house courses were conducted. More information about ProSea foundation objectives and courses can be found at


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